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Discover Professional Printing Solutions with Rawther Enterprise Services

Rawther Enterprise is a printing company that focuses on producing top-notch products and providing excellent customer service. We print wedding cards, customised stickers, high-quality envelopes, and printed thank you cards. Our products will meet all your printing needs for your special events to look amazing.

Wedding Card

Add an extra touch of magic to your special day with our wedding cards! Select your favorite from 48 beautiful designs in a postcard format, available in two sizes: 4x6" or 5x7" which is slightly smaller than A5 with 260gsm paper for a quality finish that you can choose from none, glossy and matte. Envelope included. Transform your wedding day into an unforgettable experience with our special and customized cards.

Combine Wedding 

If you're hosting a joint wedding event at the same venue, the Combine Wedding Card is ideal. With the names of both the Bride and groom's parents printed on one card, this economical option helps you cut costs. Our Combine Wedding Card will enhance your event and make it even more unforgettable.

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Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings with a Free Nims Crispy Choco Tub

With any purchase of the wedding card, you will be able to choose Nims Crispy Choco Tub as a freebie. Our products will meet all your printing needs for your special events to look amazing.

The e-card

The e-card came in the package when you print the wedding card. Guests can contact you through phone and WhatsApp and get directions to the wedding location with a simple click. A package that is worth the price.

Thank You Sticker

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Our Sticker is available in two shapes: round and square. The sizes range from 4x4 cm, 5x5 cm, and 6x6 cm with a mirror coat finish. You can match your sticker just like your wedding card.

Experience the Difference with a High Quality Envelope

Pay a small fee and choose a superior quality envelope as an upgrade from the standard one. With their durable construction and pristine white color, these envelopes are the ideal choice for your special event. Our envelopes will deliver your wedding cards with style. Our envelope, known for its high-quality, is available for purchase.

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Experience the Smooth and Rich Flavors of Nims Mini Choco

Are you interested in the opportunity to become a reseller or sell Nims Product at the Night Market? There are three flavors of this popular delicacy: Mini Choco (Chocolate), Mini Rainbow (Vanilla), and Mini Choco (Strawberry). Seize the opportunity to benefit from our exclusive offer for wedding gifts, which encompasses a wedding card, top-notch envelope, Nims mini Choco, and a gift bag at no cost.

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Don’t forget to give the scrumptious Nims Assorted Mini Choco Cup as a gift to your loved ones and friends during Ramadhan and Eid. The box holds four Mini Choco cups, with two filled with chocolate and one each with a rainbow and a strawberry. With the purchase of 1 box of Nim Mini Choco Cup, you’ll get a complimentary ‘sampul duit raya’ and Nims gift bag. With the purchase of 1 ctn (12 box) of Assorted Mini Choco Cup, you’ll get an extra box for free, plus free sampul duit raya and a gift bag. It’s a deal worth your while, so come and seize it. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to give a wedding gift for your upcoming wedding ceremony. Click the provided link to find pricing details and place your order.

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